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GRAPHICS – TERMS OF USE – Thank you for purchasing from Country Graphics™ website. ALL PRODUCTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, so please read before buying.

You are leasing GRAPHIC PRODUCTS FROM VARIOUS ARTISTS – ALL Graphics on this site are NOT Public Domain! ALL Graphics are NOT “Royalty Free Clip Art.”

All graphics are copyrighted © Do not use them until you have purchased them.  Anyone found using graphic products and web sets WITHOUT CONSENT will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! This applies to all graphics artists below.
When in doubt please visit their sites for TOU details or email us directly.

  • Country Graphics ™
    offers a variety of choices PU/CU/BU/Re-Sale
  • Alice Smith
    graphics are for PU/CU unless stated.
  • Angie Wenke
    graphics are for PU/CU only – click on Angie’s link for details
  • Anji Antics Graphics
    graphics are for PU/CU unless stated.
  • Primlicious Graphics 
    graphics are for PU/CU only – click on Primlicious link for details
  • Tater Patch Graphics
    graphics are for PU/CU only
  • Znowflake
    digital papers are for PU/CU only


MORE INFORMATION REGARDING ALL Graphic Clipart and Products on this site:

Family friendly sites only! That means no adult material whatsoever. Unconditionally no profanity, nudity, racism or hatred sites! They are to be only used by personal, small business and organizations that are family friendly. Not intended for big production businesses.  If you are a big corporation and wish to use any of our graphic products, please contact us for more information.  We reserve the right to alter our terms at any time to protect our graphics.

Beyond 3 days from your order date, we cannot guarantee that the files will continue to be available. However, on a case by case basis we will reset an order one time under certain circumstances (computer crash, large orders, or system errors) if requested within 5 days of the original order date.


Policies TOU (Terms of Use)”

We sometimes use other artist’s graphics to create our printables and other types of graphic products.
When using other graphic artist’s clip art along with our clip art, credit will be given in the description of the printables and other types of graphic products.


CU/PU = (Commercial Use/Personal Use)

PU = (Personal Use ONLY) not to create profit in any way

BU = (Business Use)

BU/PU = (Business Use/Personal Use)

Copyrights remains with Country Graphics™ and/or Original Artist.

By purchasing and receiving products, you ARE agreeing to Country Graphics™ terms. We are reasonable and we hope you understand our need to protect our work and our artist’s work.


A few of the Simple facts:
Please respect our copyrights

Do no share our graphics
No Swapping

Do not resell our original files
Do not add to image collections for sale
If the product does not say you can then assume you can not

Just two of our artists request a back link


Two of our artist’s require a back link or in some cases as shown below nothing is required. But it would be nice to be noted in your product description and possibly add our sites to your favorites.

  • Country Graphics ™
  • Alice Smith
  • Angie Wenke    Requires a Link: www.graphicsshoppe.com/
  • Anji Antics Graphics
  • Primlicious Graphics    Requires a Link:  www.primliciousgraphics.com/
  • Tater Patch Graphics
  • Znowflake

What are the Link Requirements?
Credit for the artwork should be stated on all web pages and packaging where graphics are displayed… using example below.

“your product name” was created using artwork from “place the artist name here” 

True Examples Shown Below:

Just Noted Example: Printable Card was created using artwork from Country Graphics ™

Back Link Example:  Printable Card was created using artwork from Primlicious Graphics


EXCEPTION: NO credit required on background sets for designing websites and our pre-made website banner collections. Meta tag recognition would be appreciated.


SOME DIGITAL PRODUCTS MAY HAVE ONE OR MORE LICENSES APPLIED Please read digital products descriptions before purchase.

1.All Graphic Artists TOU –  PERSONAL USE – Credit Required – PU License:

You can use ALL of graphics and party printables for your personal use ONLY.  Not for sharing with anyone including family members. Not for freebies. Not to create profit in any way.


2. All Graphic Artists TOU – BUSINESS USE – Credit Required – BU/PU License:

You can use graphics and party printables for your personal use only.  Not for sharing. Not for freebies. CREDIT MAY BE REQUIRED.

Business Cards, Tags, & Stationery designated as BUSINESS USE allows the business to use the digital product to promote their business… not for resale and no alterations other then adding your business name and information.


3. All Graphic Artists TOU – COMMERCIAL USE – Credit May Be Required – CU License:

Graphics must be incorporated into something NEW that you’ve created yourself.
License is intended for small business and crafters, using our graphics in your products to make a profit at craft shows, small business shops, and small online shops. CREDIT MAY BE REQUIRED. 

All other Country Graphics™ PU (Personal Use) products are strictly for personal use.
Other artists graphics were used in the making of most of our party printables making them ALL PERSONAL USE ONLY.


4. Only products marked for RESELLER USE – Credit May Be Required – Reseller License:

Resale License fee is included in the price of all resale products.

Allows you to resell the artwork “as is,only”.  Sets must be priced at Retail value. You can not offer discount sales for less then $1.00.

Collections must be sold in the exact manner you receive them. In other words, you can’t take graphics from one collection and mix with another, can’t change sizes or recolor.

You may however sell single clipart items from a set. No single can be sold for less then $1.00. Licenses applies to one shop.  If you sell in more than one shop, then you are required to purchase another reseller graphics set for each additional shop.

You may sell this artwork to the end-user, who is NOT allowed to resell “as is.” They must abide by the PU/CU – Credit Required terms for each set of graphics.

You will be required to place a banner button on your website showing that your are a licensed re-seller of our products. Please contact us if you plan to resale our products on your website.

Country Graphics™ Reseller License is new, so at this time please check back from time to time for any required updates to our TOU.  We have the right to protect our graphic clipart and all products on this website.

Country Graphics™

We reserve the right to alter our terms at any time to protect our graphics.

Clarifying the Rules: We tried to make our TOU simple, but sometimes we need to clarify them.

Because of the abuse of our copyrights, we had to clarify the TOU rules… we hope this helps.

You may not change the colors unless the product says you can.

You may not create black & white outlines unless the product says you can.

You may not create SVG or cutter files unless the product says you can.




You may not sell graphics as graphics through any website or program that offers to turn it into any sort of pattern, digitized or otherwise. You MAY make your own digitized pattern on a tangible product to sell to your customers. Definition of tangible product: A physical item that can be perceived by the sense of touch. 

You may not use graphics to make stitchery or painting patterns to sell. Create Only for your own personal use.

You may not offer any of our CU/BU/PU graphics in any kind of reseller program, graphics club or membership program unless the product says you can.

You may not make tubes or brushes from any graphics unless the product says you can.

You may not use graphics to mass produce items for the gift industry.

You may not share your paid graphics with anyone, including family and friends.

If you’re in doubt about whether your product meets these guidelines, please ASK before purchasing any graphics. There will be NO REFUNDS.

You may not resell our printables or sell our printables as downloadable printables. Printables are for Personal Use ONLY unless the product says you can.

If you create your OWN printables using our graphics as part of your product, you may sell them as either downloadable printables or as finished products to your customers for personal use ONLY unless the product says you can.

You may not add text to graphics and/or printables and call the image your own product. We retain copyrights to all of our products. You can add text when creating something NEW and sell to your customers for personal use ONLY.

Party Printables are intended for personal use ONLY.

Privacy Policy
Country Graphics™ does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personal identifiable information.

Standard Website Privacy Policy:

  • Our website collects names, email addresses, and other personal information from customers and visitors only when submitted via one of our secure online forms, or mailing list registration forms.
  • Our website privacy policy insures you that all data collected is used solely by Country Graphics™ and is not shared, traded, or sold to outside parties without your consent.

Thanks for dropping by for a visit, please come back often to see our newest company product lines.





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