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If  you wish to advertise on our Country Graphics™ website read rate and notes below.
If you accept our rate and terms below, please contact us on how to get started.

  • Rate is $100 a month with a one years contract paid in full. [$1,000 up front]
  • You provide one standard banner 570 by 290 pixels. ( Must meet our approval Guideline: Keep it Clean & Tasteful.)  We can design a banner for you at additional cost.
  • No Guarantees Provided: i.e. your click rates, etc. We are a high profile company but we make no promises or guarantees to the success of your banner advertising on our site.
  • Company Image and Entire Website Must be family friendly. (All links on your site must be family friendly)
  • All Advertising Links are placed on our advertising information page and on the home page of Country Graphics™.  All advertising banners rotate in random order.
  • This rate is the only rate we offer for you to advertise on Country Graphics™.


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