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Here are some the frequently asked questions answered below.  If you have a question please email us and we will get back to you as soon a humanly possible.


  1. Can anyone become a member of the directory/organization?
  2. Can all members have links in the directory?
    Yes but  a reciprocal link is REQUIRED. Only country graphic artist’s links and country graphic tutorial links are not required to give us a reciprocal link.
  3. How can I create a blog or write an article, the forms require a password?
    You have to create an account by joining the directory before you can add content.  Once you become a member, use your password to create your blog or articles
  4. Can I have as many blogs and articles as I want?
    Keep in mind that all blogs and articles must be approved before they are seen in the directory.  If we feel the content is useful to our audience, all of your articles & blogs will most likely be published
  5. Why doesn’t my article, blog, links, videos, etc. show up in the directory when I submit them?
    All articles, blogs, links, and videos, must be approved before they are seen in the directory.
  6. What can I do to help out in the Country Graphics Organization & Directory?
    Add your graphic sites to the directory. Write articles to support country style graphics. Create lessons for learning how to use country style graphics. Everyone is invited to help support country style graphics. Send your ideas, stories, even free graphics are welcome for our country graphic fans. This is all new, we are open for suggestions. Our goal is to promote country style graphics!
  7. What do I do when I find errors in the Country Graphics Organization or Directory?
    Please report errors so that we can fix them.
  8. Why is a reciprocal link so important?
    Adding a reciprocal URL can improve your ratings. The Country Graphics Directory is set to show a site higher up the top of a page depending on the amount of hits coming from their site to the directory.
  9. How can improve my ratings in the directory?
    There are a few ways to improve your ratings. The free way is to add a reciprocal link from your site to the directory.  Other ways are paying for advertising in the directory, either direct advertising or pay for clicks.  Login into your account and select  AdLinks to learn more.


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