2nd Feb 2017

Painters Tip for Washing Hands   Painters Tip: Use an Ultra Snuggle dryer sheet with Ultra Palmolive Power dish liquid when washing hands after using shellac or oil base stains and you won’t need to use paint thinner that dries […]

19th Nov 2016

BLACK FRIDAY GRAPHICS SALE COUPON COUPONS: Get 50% off total graphics order. This coupon can be used with all sale graphics too! Big Saving – BLACK FRIDAY BIG 50% OFF SALE  starts November 19 and ending the day after Black Friday. Happy […]

31st Oct 2016

A company is about more then just one person. It’s also about the workers that depend on the company to provide for their families.It is also about making choices to provide reliable honest workmanship for the company and the customers […]

13th Sep 2016

Best Savory Meat Loaf Recipe by Barry We love cold meatloaf sandwiches in our family and this savory meatloaf stands up to the Pearce Family meatloaf sandwich test. Finally our perfect recipe was created in 1994 and we only tweak it […]

12th Sep 2016

Savory Green Tomato Cheese Pie by The Moose Girls When we are having a bad tomato season and all we seem to do is grow green tomatoes, we make our savory green tomato cheese pie. A few suggestions are in order: […]

9th Sep 2016

Lemon Pineapple Meringue Pie by Jack Moose I have doubled the recipe of the Lemon Pineapple Meringue Pie by Jack Moose because you can’t just eat one. Dad use to make this Lemon Pineapple Meringue Pie for me EVERY TIME […]

8th Sep 2016

Mexican Cornbread by Margaret Clary Margaret’s Mexican Cornbread Recipe has been in the family for well over 50 years. Some family members use a regular greased cake pan,  but the Moose Family uses a hot cast iron skillet. If you […]

6th Sep 2016

Audrey Moose Carrot Cake This is the best moist carrot cake ever!!! This is the recipe that everyone keeps asking for, Audrey Moose Carrot Cake. We have tasted more carrot cakes then you can imagine over a span of 60 […]

6th Sep 2016

How To Cook A Turkey Top Questions & Answers Nannie’s Tips – How to roast and handle a turkey safely. 1. What’s the best way to thaw a turkey? Refrigerator thawing is recommended. For every four pounds of turkey, allow […]

30th Aug 2016

National Toasted Marshmallow Day National Toasted Marshmallow Day is Tuesday, August 30 2016. I would like to share Marshmallow Fun Facts, Marshmallow Breaking Records, Marshmallow Festivals, and Marshmallow Recipes that I have gathered for your entertainment. Fun Facts about Marshmallows: […]